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New Images — Desert Southwest, Winter 2014


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I was lucky enough to sneak a few days in the desert over the past month with two good buddies and GREAT photographers.  Lukas, Jim and I headed out for the White Pocket formation in the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness.  It was the first truly off-road voyage for my “new” Land Cruiser and Lucille performed perfectly.

White Pocket is an amazing place as you see from the images.  We had some fierce, tent rending winds during the days, replete with blowing sand and grit that ended up EVERYWHERE, but each of us came away with some great and different images.  We loved it, but we really want to go back during the monsoon season when our chances for some great pools of water and stormy light are much better.  We bookended our trip with stops in Valley of Fire State Park just outside Las Vegas and got some great light there.




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